GPX Imports

Import a File
  • Attach a single GPX file to an email, and send it to
  • The subject of your email will be the title of the track.
  • You will get sent an email back - open it from your iPhone email to import the file and launch EarthNC.
  • GPX files will be available for import for 30 days - the email you were sent won't work after that. 

After Launch

  • When you import a GPX file, a few seconds after the app starts up, you will get an alert that says the track has been imported, and then you can view the track via the Saved Screen. If the track is very long, it may take a little while before the alert appears.

Waypoint Tracks

  • If your imported track includes one or more waypoints, they wil display on the map when you load the track, and they will be clickable.
  • Waypoints will also show up in your waypoints list on the Saved screen.