How To Mark a Waypoint

To mark a waypoint, follow these steps:
  1. To begin marking a waypoint, first tap the flag icon on the right on the screen.
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  3. Next, decide what sort of waypoint is best for you. If you want to mark a spot on a the map neither near your nor for routing, tap "Drop Pin". If you would like to mark a waypoint that is near you, so as to remember the spot you are currently at, tap "Drop Pin Near Me". If you would like to plan a future route using waypoints, tap "Create Route".
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  5. After you have placed your waypoint, a menu will appear allowing you to adjust the settings of your waypoint. You can change the name to help you to remember why you placed the waypoint. Also, you can adjust the coordinates to precisely place your waypoint. Then tap "Save" to keep the waypoint, "Cancel" if you've made a mistake, or "Save and Guide" if you would like Gaia GPS to guide you to the waypoint you are inserting. Note: you may change your coordinates to the following coordinate systems in your settings menu:
    • Decimal Degrees
    • Degrees, Minutes, Seconds
    • Degrees, Decimal, Minutes
    • UTM Coordinates
    • MGRS Coordinates
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Now your waypoint is saved in your saved waypoints list. To access it later:
  1. Tap the "Saved" tab.
  2. Then tap the flag icon to reveal the list of your saved waypoints.
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