Marine Charts User Manual (manual PDF)

 Important How-To's

Frequently Ask Questions


  • If you have questions about how to operate Marine Charts, bug reports, or feature requests, you can email the developers at Bug reports are best if you can tell us how to reproduce the problem, and we almost always fix reproducible bugs very quickly.
  • If the app won't get a GPS signal, one of two things will fix it:
  • Shut down the app completely. From your iPhone home screen, double press the Home button. Then, press and hold the Marine Charts icon in the task bar. Once it starts wiggling, press it to stop it, as you would normally do to delete an app.
  • If shutting down the app doesn't work, rebooting your phone will do the trick.
  • Also, if your phone is in airplane mode, the GPS won't operate, and the app can't record tracks.
  • If Marine Charts stops working, you can delete it from your phone and redownload it from the App Store for free (a dialog will tell you the download is free when it starts). If this ever happens to you, we're very sorry for the problem. Please email us and tell us what happened.
  • The compass will not work if you are in a car or if you are near metal or magnetic things.